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tv   CNN News Central  CNN  February 26, 2024 10:00am-11:00am PST

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this election is about who shares your values. let me share mine. i'm the only candidate with a record of taking on maga republicans, and winning. when they overturned roe, i secured abortion rights in our state constitution. when trump attacked our lgbtq and asian neighbors, i strengthened our hate crime laws. i fought for all of us struggling to keep up with the rising cost of living. i'm evan low, and i approve this message for all of our shared values. that's why friends and family recommend force vector rush to walmart and on leash or potential with force dagger. >> eliot spitzer blazed a trail that had him in spitting distance of the white house right up until the moment he set himself on fire and
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crusading governor by day, wanted desperately, i think to be present in the united states client number nine by night, this guy who was a crusader against human sex trafficking is actually the customer. here's how the saga of eliot spitzer really went down. >> this was a turning point in american government, united states of scandal with jake tapper. sunday at nine on cnn trump's >> unstoppable campaign after yet another primary, when the former president appears to be a lock to win the republican nomination. but we're going to take we'll look at the only potential roadblocks still standing in his way and new measles cases in florida where they're struggling to contain an outbreak of the extremely infectious disease and it could get worse as the state's top health official defies broadly accepted public health recommendations. and after the death of a non binary teen in oklahoma publican lawmaker attacks the lgbtq plus community calling them, quote,
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that fills we are following these major developing stories and many more all coming in, right? here to cnn news central >> less than 24 hours, voters are going to start heading to the polls in michigan's presidential primary. and right now, nikki haley is back on the trail in grand rapids after suffering a major setback over the weekend, losing the south carolina primary to donald trump. the former president won in haley's home state by 20 plus points. moving one step closer to securing that republican nomination. but the former governor is undeterred, vowing to push forward even though some of her financing is drying up. the influential koch network announced that it is cutting off funding to her campaign. trump is now riding a wave of momentum, including picking up a big new endorsement from senator john
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thune of south dakota. he's the number two republican in the senate let's get some perspective now with cnn senior political analyst, mark preston. mark great to have you, donald trump seems unstoppable right now. >> yeah, you can also argue that he's been unstoppable pretty much from the jump. if you looked at the exit polls that came out in south carolina? most of those people, a very strong majority, had already decided they're going to vote for donald trump months and months and months ago. so he has had this nomination locked up, but the question is when does nikki haley decides to step away from it? >> that >> is a key question, especially given that you need a lot of money to run a campaign what does the koch brothers, the koch network, pulling funding from her campaign mean strictly a business decision. now, when they did pull the funding, they did note that they're not necessarily behind donald trump as the nominee. but what they're going to do is move that money to the house and the senate to koch network really does operate like a business and they weren't going to throw bad money after there's not a good money after something that was not going to go their way. they are very successful in putting their
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money on races that they think they're going to win clearly, they're not going to win this one. yeah, they are now no longer betting on haley. i just want to point out for our viewers, this is actually live right now. these are live images from haley campaigning in grand rapids she may not be getting a majority of voters, but she had a point. i thought this weekend when she said that there are some 40 of voters in south carolina that ultimately rejected donald trump. do you think in a general election, most of those voters are significant enough number of them will come home, so to speak, to trump. >> i think that's a great question because even though there is the folks, the more moderate centrist wing of the republican party aren't necessarily embracing donald trump. i do think when it comes to november and they're giving a chance between choosing joe biden, the democrat donald trump, the republican. i think that you're going to see that 40%, maybe 20%, maybe even more than that 25% are going to come back home to him. >> it'll be interesting to see how trump approaches those types of voters. you mentioned
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money for congressional campaigns and moment ago this is really significant. it's another sign of trump's dominance. the rnc chair, ronna mcdaniel, stepping down replaced by a trump loyalist, and the former president's daughter-in-law. she said that rnc funds will all be going back or rather we'll all be going toward getting donald trump back in the white house. what does that mean for republicans on cash capitol hill running for reelection or those trying to flip democratic seats. >> well, it means that the rnc is going to be really become maga inc. and we're going to see this over the next couple of weeks. turn into that. now you're seeing some of the members of the republican national committee. these are the 168 elected republicans around the country who make up the core of the rnc some of them are trying to push back and say, listen, you can't spend money on any legal fees. they're going to try to pass a resolution fact in the matter is when donald trump does secure the nomination, he will take over the rnc, but there's a note of caution on this. we saw this happen back in 2008 when barack obama one the presidency. he had his own political operation. he chose to put all his effort into that
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political operation. and after that, you saw the democratic national committee really really run into trouble and you're still seeing the after effects of it not being cared for, money, not going into into the national organization, money going elsewhere. we saw that with obama for america. and i think we're going to see that with maga inc. really fascinating her score, historical perspective there. mark preston, appreciate the perspective and thanks so much. row. >> and now to some new cnn reporting as trump is juggling his campaign in court appearances. we're learning the former president's legal team is trying to game out his federal trials and actually pit the judges against each other in an effort to avoid a federal trial before election day. we've seen an senior crime and justice reporter, katelyn polantz, joining us now now are just explain to us what he's trying to do here. yeah. so this strategy depends on what happens in his two federal cases. so there's the case in dc for judge tanya chutkin related to the 2020 election. that's on hold, but could get back into the hands of the trial court quite quickly. and
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then they would need to put it on the calendar for trial. he doesn't want to go to trial in that case. before the election. so the way to prevent that, according to the sources, i'm talking to, is to use his other federal criminal case in florida, the mar-a-lago documents case, and take it and it's very complex. try and use the complexity of that case as an argument to move it along on the calendar box out. the other case from being able to take place theoretically in a way that if it works, could keep trump from going to both of these trials. we're going to see if this works first this friday, because friday there is a very big hearing case in florida and it is the hearing where judge aileen cannon could be rescheduling that mar-a-lago documents trial. it's currently on the calendar for the end of may, right after his new york hush money case, which he will be going to trial on. and then they will be asking on friday for judge cannon to move him into the summer and then
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theoretically, maybe that case will need to move again. >> very interesting, just eat up all the time. he is a master at the delays, so we'll see kaitlan polantz, great reporting thank you so much. and joining us now is national security attorney bradley moss. do you think bradley that trump will succeed with this strategy? >> he's gonna get some delays, but i think his luck is starting to run out. we already started to see that in manhattan obviously, where unless something happens, he's going on trial and under a month we have this issue of which one will come first of the federal cases, will it be the documents case in florida or will it be the election? ferrous case in dc? so long as supreme court keeps dragging its feet on the immunity issue, it gets harder to really tell when the dc case will happen. what kaitlan just said about the florida case is exactly what we're all waiting for is what's going to come out of this friday hearing is gonna be a day-long hearing. the judge cannon has scheduled for will she move her trial date? will she said it in june? maybe i can certainly see this case
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hitting late late june, early july for a trial. but all eyes are going to be on florida on friday to see what comes out of that hearing. >> yeah. it is really to just about bumping this federal election subversion case out of the way. so that voters are not dealing with that issue before the election. if you hadn't cannon moving the documents case from may to the summer and we'll be watching. >> could >> judge chutkan in the dc tko, start her federal election case before that or is that just not going to work >> i don't think that's going to work because even if the supreme court were to issue a ruling today saying they rejected or denied the stay motion by the trump team and sends everything back to judge chutkan. she still indicated she was going to give them what was he be the full seven months worth of prep time? i don't see the dc case making it to trial any earlier than july at this point. and if the documents case is going first, that means judge chutkan probably starts her case. it sometime in mid to
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late august and that could be a horrible side-by-side image for donald trump going into the fall camp campaign of him sitting at trial every day, not able to be on the campaign trail like he would want to be. >> there's also this thought that clearly the trump team has aileen cannon appointed by trump. how much stock do you? put in that though cannon is a trump appointee, chutkan is an obama appointee. that's going to be the loyalty. do you see it that way >> no not yet we haven't ever since, judge judge cannon gotten some trouble with the 11th circuit during the pre-indictment phase when we're just when it was just still an fbi investigation and the 11th circuit reversed her. >> we haven't seen >> her do anything of substance yet that would make me say she's going in the can for donald trump's use given him a lot of procedural disruptions, given them a lot of opportunities to make arguments. i don't think she just had to make him or let him do, but she hasn't done the summatively yet to make me
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think she's any weight bias towards donald trump, we're going to see between now and friday how that actually plays out when we get these substantive rulings that she has before her especially on the classified information at issue in that case and the deletions, the discovery that the government is trying to do under what's called the classified information procedures act. we're going to get a sense of how she's approaching this. but at the moment, i anybody who's putting stock trump side saying, oh judge cannon is going to save donald trump from this. i would not put your money on that right now. >> all right. bradley moss. thank you for us >> let's discuss all these issues and more with former arkansas governor asa hutchinson. he's also a former republic welcome presidential candidate and is now backing nikki haley, governor great to have you this afternoon. i was fortunate to be in south carolina this weekend speaking to a number of voters, multiple of them told me that they don't totally understand and don't really care about the charges that donald trump is facing. he won by 20 points.
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this weekend. >> what does that tell you about >> where the republican electorate is right now? >> well they see unfairness in the process, but they also simultaneously say that if there is a conviction, then that impacts their level of support. that just doesn't bode well for a republican nominee. to go into the november election as with a conviction. and so there's a lot to be concerned about on trump's part. he had a great victory in south carolina. but whenever you look at the independent votes that moved in the direction of nikki haley, the fact that she got 40% of the vote and the fact that either before or after the convention may be both, he will be undergoing criminal trials. and so these are storm clouds that are gathering over donald trump and that's why he wants to wrap this election up very quickly. but i think it's does not bode
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well for him as he goes into the convention. even though he's going to control the apparatus, he's going to be able to dictate the terms of his nomination if he continues to be strong. so a lot to play out here that we don't know but right now he's in a pretty good position for the nomination, but in a very poor position for the general election. >> would you say that that's the best reason for for nikki haley to stay in the race. you're right in that she got 40 points, but she's still lost by 20 >> well, there's a couple of reasons important for her to stay in the race first of all, there's many republicans, including myself that wanted an alternative they really believe it's a long-term detriment to the republican party if donald trump, in the show secondly, whenever you look at the prospect of winning, there's just too much unpredictability out there to say. let's throw
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in the towel now. so i applaud her and i think she's making the case very well in michigan, that is about donald trump. but it's also about the senate and the house and whether we win or lose those races. and if we have a flawed candidate in november, then we're going to be suffering long-term consequences within the republican party. and nikki haley's making that case hey so i spoke with folks close to the trump campaign this weekend and they put forward a rhetorical question that i'm >> curious for you to answer. if she can't win her home state looking at the map at michigan and then super tuesday, which state can nikki haley realistically beat donald trump in? >> well first of all, i would point to massachusetts. she's going to be campaigning there. that's a state that i think she can play in and hopefully
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win in. those are super tuesdays the challenge for is not just the fact that donald trump has got a lot of momentum, but it's also that the deck is stacked like in california, they moved to a winner-take-all say for the delegates and that would have been a great state for her too. do very well in but it's gonna be hard to hurt a win. delegates under that circumstance. so i look at some of the northeastern states. michigan is problematic because they also now have not just a primary, but most of their delegates, we decided and a caucus. all of that tilts toward donald trump so she's fighting a battle. uphill. it's a battle worth fighting. and i think there's some stage she can win. >> governor, you spoke at a cpac counter-programming event recently. the principles first convention i am curious to get your perspective on some of the things that i imagine you heard coming out of cpac though,
10:16 am
there were a lot of references to the 2020 election being stolen, obviously false claims that there was some stuff that i imagine worse kreis, you as a more traditional republican >> well, that's exactly right. in fact, i used to be on the board of the american conservative union that hosted cpac but he's changed, has become the trump vehicle. now and it is become extreme. and so many of their comments and so i love going to principles first, it is a counter programming effort to give an opportunity for conservatives that are more in the mold of a strong united states of america, not isolationism that has advocated by donald trump and now cpac and so it's a much broader diversity of thought that's important for the debate within the republican party. and whenever you look at
10:17 am
the harshness of some of the rhetoric coming out of cpac, including some of the language toward the minority community. we have an opportunity to build in the minority community, but donald trump is not the right messenger to accomplish that former governor asa hutchinson have to leave the conversation there. appreciate you sharing time with us, sir >> thank you. boris could be with you, of course. >> still ahead this hour on cnn news central, was alexey navalny close to being released when he suddenly died in a russian prison. what his aids just revealed plus the us says a quote, understanding has been reached on a potential deal deal between israel and hamas. we have the latest on hostage negotiations and a measles outbreak in florida is growing. we're going to take a closer look at this highly contagious yet extremely preventable disease. we'll be right back >> i'm katie bo lillis in washington and this is cnn at
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crusading governor by day, wanted to be present in the united states. client number nine by night's this guy who was a presale are against human sex drive african is actually a customer, united states of scandal with jake tapper, new episodes sunday at nine on cnn. >> negotiations have picked back up in the middle east to try to finalize a new hostage deal that could pause fighting between israel and hamas is really delegation because in doha today to meet with representatives from the us, egypt and qatar, talks have hit serious roadblocks over the past month or so, but this time, the white house says the basic contours have been agreed upon and we've just learned that hamas is backed off some of its demands. cnn's alex marquardt has been tracking this. so alex, what do we know about the prospects for the new framework of his still well, we know that the talks are moving along that is a good sign. we saw this meeting taking place in paris on friday with the intelligence chiefs from the us, israel, egypt, and the qatari prime minister. and then today in doha, the qatari
10:23 am
capital, there's a follow-on meeting to that where there are technical teams because they're known getting together to iron out the finer points really get into the weeds and dot the i's and cross the t's. >> the >> talks had essentially been stalled. you'll remember that israel had called hamas's demands delusional. so those paris talks on friday, we're really important to try to get the parties back to the table to try to get moving on the broader points. so it does look like things are progressing. the broader deal that we're looking at right now would be a weeks long pause in the fighting. israeli hostages would be released primarily the women, the children, the elderly in the sick who remain palestinian prisoners, would also be released. and i'm told that an order to move this along hamas has actually responded to those israeli accusations of being delusional and backed off some of their key demands, notably on the number of prisoners that they want to see released on demands that the idf withdrawal from gaza, that there'll be a disc
10:24 am
discussions about the end of the war by no means, are those off the table? but for now, to launch this first phase of the deal, i'm told that hamas has softened those demands. so one source told told me that things are progressing. another source told me that they are struggling to get this across the finish line. there's a sense that this could happen in the coming days, but at any moment i'm warned that this is very fluid and that things could fall apart. one thing boris is clear that the us really does want to get this done by ramadan, the muslim holy month that's on march 10. that is a deadline that they are racing against so signs for cautious optimism right now, alex marquardt, thanks so much for the update. brianna. >> and here with us now to talk about all of this, we have democratic congressman jake auchincloss it's of massachusetts. he's also a marine veteran who commanded infantry in afghanistan and special operations in panama. congressman, thanks for being with us i first wanted i ask you about these negotiations between israel and hamas. how
10:25 am
hopeful are you that there will be a deal, especially now that we have learned that hamas it says backed off of some of its key demands >> clearly going in the right direction. a testament to president biden's leadership. and the really the unique role that the united states can play in that region as a stabilizing force i haven't seen the text of the deal obviously, so i want to comment and on the specifics, but any deal that gets hostages home and that creates a ceasefire for humanitarian aid to come into gaza is a step in the right direction. >> the death toll in gaza is expected to be passing 30,000 this week, israel continues to say that when it comes to their approach to what level of civilian deaths are acceptable as they target hamas in gaza. that with the idf is doing, there is no different than the us military approach and afghanistan following 911, as i mentioned, you were a veteran
10:26 am
that war is israel, correct here >> i think that central asia and middle east is such a complicated region that analogies serve us very poorly. i think we should evaluate this situation with its own deeply complicated history and context. and what is clear here is that we need something that gets the hostages home. there are americans and children being held hostage for more than three months by hamas. we need a mutual sustainable ceasefire, and that is only possible with a vision for governance in gaza that does not include hamas because hamas has promised to repeat the atrocities of october 7. and hamas has as part of its charter, the destruction of not only the jewish state, but of jewish people, the world over. >> and >> president biden is driving towards the kind of near term compromise that can create the conditions or more long lasting and sustainable well peace in the region. and this is one element of a broader strategy
10:27 am
for the united states about standing with democracy of the world over it's not just israel in the middle east. it's taiwan and the indo-pacific. it's ukraine in europe. let me write it like national security supplemental is so critical go back to gaza though, because the deaths of children and other civilians in gaza are just very clearly outpacing those in afghanistan or brock, the ukraine conflict. so i know that there are different elements here that you don't want to compare apples to apples. but when we're talking talking about numbers, and we're talking about collateral damage. there is a way to compare this is israel, correct? in saying that their approach to how many civilians dead is the same as how the us approached things in afghanistan in your view? >> yeah. >> again, i just think comparing one military conflict in this region to another is going down the wrong path. the
10:28 am
right path to me is to compare the counterfactual is to say, what would this situation look like if hamas were allowed to remain at the levers of power in gaza. and hamas is an internet ashley recognized terrorist organizations using its own denizens as human shields. it is holding hostages. hamas needs to be dismantled so that it cannot have any role in post-war governance in gaza. and the military operations that israel is pursuing or the necessary leverage for the return of hostages and for the demilitarization of gaza so that the palestinian people can count on the kind of future that they deserve. >> do you have concerns about this death toll >> every person of good conscience use the death of any child, israeli, palestinian, as a tragedy and it is devastating to see what is happening in the middle east right now, and which is why we need a sustainable ceasefire that prevents this violence from ever being repeated. and unfortunately, insofar as hamas is allowed to remain extent and
10:29 am
the gaza strip, it will be repeated and that's not my opinion. that's hamas's assertion >> i do want to turn now to russia, if you can react to this new report that putin critic alexey navalny, who died in prison earlier this month was to be part of a prisoner exchange deal along with two americans held and russia, according to his aides, a western official confirming this, they say it was to be in exchange for an fsb assassin who is imprisoned in berlin what's your reaction to this >> i can't speak to the veracity of that claim. it's new, but i think the overall takeaway here is unchanged, which is that putin's treatment of navalny is a stand-in for his autocratic and repressive vision that he has than that china is easing pink chairs. they want to stamp out freedom and democracy not only in their own countries, but the world over and ukraine is on the frontlines of the fight against that autocratic vision, which is why it's so critical that
10:30 am
speaker johnson bring the ukraine aid bill to the floor speaker johnson's on his way out. he's going to lose in november. he's going to be kicked out by his own conference. but he can decide what his legacy will be and his legacy should be to meet the moral moment and support our ally in ukraine. >> there's also this issue of a potential shutdown, which the trajectory is headed in the wrong direction. i would say at this moment, do you expect that there will be a shutdown >> it's entirely up to the house. republican conference. as you know, last may in 2023, the president and then speaker mccarthy came to an agreement on funding levels that cut the deficit. and responsibly funded our programs and services at the federal level. senate republicans, the white house senate democrats, house democrats. we've all stayed with that deal it was house republicans who walked away from that deal. they actually fired speaker mccarthy over that deal and they remain the odd man out on this. so if they want to grown up to govern like grownups, then we have no
10:31 am
issue. we have the deal that passed congress. but if they want to have a tantrum at the negotiating table, then we're heading towards a shutdown. >> congressman jake auchincloss. thank you so much for your time this afternoon. we appreciate it. >> good to be with you >> next the f pardon me, the x fbi informant accused of lying about president biden and his son hunter for biden heading back to court after he was rearrested. a judge just decided whether he'll be released or stay in jail and new details on an american woman missing in spain, her husband now speaking out frank sinatra had connections with the mafia and all these nightclubs were owned by the mob. >> you didn't want to make those guys that he was to vegas. the >> story of sensitive sunday ten on cnn
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victims call now $30 billion in trust money has been set aside. you may be entitled to a portion of that money all when 808592400. that's when 808592400 a judge has just ordered former fbi informant, alexander smirnov to remain behind bars while awaiting trial. remember, he's accused of lying to investigators here's about the biden family's business dealings. and there were major concerns among prosecutors about him being a flight risk. smirnoff appeared today before the same federal judge in la who ordered his rearrest last week. cnn's nick watt is outside the courthouse in los angeles for us nick, you were there for the proceedings. walk us through what happened >> well, first of all, boris, why we're here. so this guy is a accused of lying to his fbi handler, telling that handler that burisma executives over new crane had told him that they only hired hunter biden. so that his dad, joe biden, then vice president, could protect them from an investigation. he says he was
10:37 am
told that joe and hunter biden each got $5 million. now, a doj lawyer in here today said, listen, the paper trail makes it very clear that this guy, alexander smirnov, just made that up. now smirnoff appeared in court today heavy rimmed glasses. he's got an eye condition apparently beard, looking a little disheveled handcuffed at the waist, very polite. hey, lots of yes, your honor. no, your honor. and his lawyers were trying to argue that he should be released. they said, listen, we will hire private security. so you know, he worked but ron, he aware a tag at which point the judge said, yeah, tags can be cut off and the laura made a big point. he said, listen, you know, gps tracking works. we know that because this guy was rearrested at our office. obviously, you could track him to our office the doj hit back and said, listen, the reason we arrested them at your office, not his home, as we know, he has nine fain firearms in that home, including an assault rifle. the judge very politely listened to all the arguments, but clearly
10:38 am
was never going to let this guy out. he has been remanded in custody, awaiting trial. so the other point that the doj made that was interesting is they said, listen, this isn't like historical life he was lying as late as last september claiming that the russians were hacking a phone from a kyiv hotel room where hunter biden was calling joe biden again? doj saying that that is just not true and they say this guy is a flight risk. he has known connections with foreign intelligence, including the russians. they can resettle them anywhere. also, he has access to money and they claim he lied about the money. they say he has access to more than $6 million and also, even though he gave up his passports, he could get a new israeli passport is a jewel citizen. his lawyer said less and less, none of this no, no, no. you need to let him out because we need his help working on his case. this is like bernie madoff. this is a voluminous case bernie madoff
10:39 am
was led at to work with his lawyers. you should let this guy out to work with flores the judge, having none of it. he's still in custody, boris? >> yes. some significant differences between bernie madoff's case and this one, nick watt. thanks so much for the repo. yeah brianna, now to some of the other headlines that we're watching this hour, the person who set himself on fire outside of the israeli embassy here in >> washington on sunday, has been identified a fight as an active duty us airman aaron bushnell is the name in the video of the incident. the 25 bushnell said he would know longer be complicit in genocide before dousing himself with an unknown liquid and igniting himself repeatedly, yelling free palestine police officers rush to douse the flames with fire extinguishers. but bush now later died in the hospital from his injuries. also the husband of a missing american woman in spain is speaking out in a tourney before on it, knezevich henao's husband telling cnn his client was not involved in her disappearance
10:40 am
and was not even in spain when she vanished on february 2, david knezevich, his lawyer, said the couple had been separated for months and his client has answered questions from spanish police and the fbi, and at&t just trying to make amends for thursday's nearly 12 hour long network outage. they're offering $105 credit to impacted customers. that $5 is evelyn. the company says to the average cost for a full day of service, at&t says they're also taking additional steps to ensure that this kind of outage does not have happen again, the fcc is still investigating the incident and coming up cases of one of the world's most preventable diseases are rising. we have the latest on the measles outbreak in florida. and also ahead and oklahoma state senator who referred to the lg btq plus community as filth is not backing down. >> we'll talk about the backlash united states of
10:41 am
scandal with jake tapper. sunday at nine on cnn. >> our dads booked a tour of san fran by e-scooter embarrassing until frank called up no longer were we in san francisco we were in san franc cisco >> one app over 300,000 travel experiences. you'll remember, do more with via tor. >> forced to be recommended >> know that you say client. do your business bank account with quickbooks money. now, earned 5% apy 5% apy. >> that's new >> yep, that's how you business differently >> a second term we can all agree on. >> this is me 20 years ago what time had thrown in the news team hosts comedy central the
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that's 1808836464 >> frank sinatra had connections with the mafia and all these night columns around by the mob. >> you didn't want to make those guys >> he was vegas. the story of sensitive. sunday at ten on cnn the measles outbreak in florida is sadly getting worse. health officials there have identified another two infected kids, making eight total reported cases in broward county so far. this is according to state data, a quick warning for you. we're going to show you images of what some patients endure when they get the measles. it's called the measles rash. now, here's an example of what can develop from one of the most infectious diseases known. if someone with measles, coughs or sneezes, the virus can just linger in the air for up to two hours despite this, florida's surgeon general joseph ladapo is opposing cdc guidance. he's
10:46 am
failing to direct unvaccinated students exposed to measles to stay at home. cnn health reporter jacqueline howard is on this story. jacqueline, tell us more about how the state surgeon general as responding to what's quickly becoming a crisis in broward county? >> well, that's just it, boris, what the cdc recommends when there is a measles outbreak, is that unvaccinated children who've been exposed to the virus should stay home for 21 days. that's the cdc guidance. but what's happening in florida, the state's surgeon general sent a letter to parents and guardians just last week saying, quote, that the doh the department of health is deferring to parents or guardians to make decisions about school attendance. so they're leaving it up to parents to make that choice of whether to keep their kid at home, whether that child is vaccinated or not? but the concern here is that unvaccinated kids are at a high risk of getting infected and spreading the virus that's why there's this concern right
10:47 am
now, boris so the point of that risk, jacqueline, if an unvaccinated kid is sent to school during this outbreak, they are highly likely to catch measles exactly we know that among unvaccinated people, if they're exposed to the virus, 90% of the time, they will get infected, they will get sick. that's why getting vaccinated is so important. we know the vaccine is 97% effective and we also know that among unvaccinated people if they do get measles 1.5 will end up hospitalized. we know that measles is often associated with pneumonia, encephalitis. all of these concerns you see there on the screen are complications of measles. and that's why this is concerning. and boris, the cases and florida are not the only measles cases we're seeing in the country right now now, we know that so far this year, there have been at least 35 cases reported across 15 jurisdictions, and many of these cases are in pockets of
10:48 am
communities where we do see low vaccination rates. so the takeaway here is that getting vaccinated is really important to help contain the outbreaks like this that we're seeing really at this time, boris, you have the sad thing is this is an illness that was eradicated effectively decades ago. there's a simple solution for it. it's out there. >> and yet young kids are dealing with it. jacqueline howard from atlanta. thank you so much >> next on cnn news central asked about the death of a non-binary teen in his state oklahoma senator is calling the lgbtq plus community filled. >> and he's not backing >> down from his bigoted remarks. we'll discuss when we come back. >> the whole story with anderson cooper sunday on cnn. >> you always got your mind matt, you you your business bank account with quickbooks 20 now we're at 5% apy
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states of scandal with jake tapper sunday at nine on cnn, >> closed captioning brought to you by our firm has offered a free book about mesothelioma for over ten years mesothelioma is really all we do. >> 80087 to 4901 in oklahoma state senator is facing backlash after referring to the states lgbtq plus community is >> phil's republican tom woods was defending oklahoma's latest policies targeting that community and was specifically asked about the recent death of 16 non-binary student nex benedict benedict died a day after a fight with a group of girls in their high school bathroom. here's how woods responded to the question we're republican state supermajority. >> my house and sin. >> i represented constituency that doesn't want that field we are religious state. we're
10:54 am
going to be are going to keep that bill at the state of oklahoma because we're cnn law enforcement correspondent whitney wild is here with more on this. whitney, what did state senator would say when cnn reached out to him for further comment here? >> we have not been able to establish a line of communication with senator woods, but senator woods made clear to that local paper, who aired that video that he stood by those comments. let me backup and just give you a little bit more context because there's lot going on in the audio clip there. this was at a public forum, a woman named kathy caught 64 years old, asked senator woods what he thought of the beating of next benedict nex benedict, as you mentioned, is the 16 year-old who died the day after a fight at their high school. next is non-binary and the according has been that next had told family members they were being
10:55 am
bullied, and so cathy caught said to senator woods and the other speakers and oklahoma leaders who were at that event. what do you think of that she believes that next have been targeted due to some of those bills. and so she was seeking accountability there. and that's when you heard senator woods make those comments. at first, he said, my heart goes out. if that is the scenario, but then said what you just heard. there are still so many questions about nex benedict's death, but this certainly brianna that is a story that has oklahomans acutely aware of some of the concerns about the unintended consequences of these anti, anti lgbtq two bills that's what catholic caught was getting at when she asked for that, brianna. >> and where does the nex benedict investigation stand right now, whitney, there's obviously been this new police video you released in the case >> we are still awaiting the results of an autopsy and toxicology report. we have requested that as well at this point, brianna police say nex
10:56 am
benedict did not die of trauma, so certainly more questions about that all right. >> whitney wild. thank you for that next was alexey navalny just hours away from freedom when he died, according to his aides, the russian opposition leader was set to be part of a prisoner exchange alongside americans paul whelan and evan gershkovich. we're going to go live to moscow lead with jake tapper, cnn today it >> for meet the traveling trio, the thrill seeker, the soul searcher, and if the explosion florida each helping to protect their money with chase last card isn't keeping this thrill seeker down, lost her card. now off the vibe, the sole searchers finding his identity and helping to protect. >> oh, >> yeah. >> the explorer. she's looking to dive deeper all while chase looks out for her, because these friends have chased alerts that have checked tools that help protect one bank that puts you in control.
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